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TRAXXAS Rubber Track Deep Terrain Set of 4 TRAXX

Rubber Track Deep Terrain Set for TRX-4 Traxx™

New Deep-Terrain Treads extend the all-terrain dominance of Traxx-equipped vehicles to extreme surface conditions like deep snow, sand, and mud. The purposefully-engineered treads dig deep and pack into loose surfaces for maximum bite to power through the most challenging conditions. The wide contact patch provides additional flotation to keep your Traxx-equipped model running strong on top of loose surfaces like deep snow and fine sand.


  • Virtually unstoppable traction in snow, mud, and sand
  • Wide tread design helps prevent sinking
  • Installs in minutes
  • Sold as a set of four
  • Works with all TRX-4 models equipped with Traxx
  • Requires #8880 Traxx


Deep-Terrain Treads (#8877) 


  • Use High-Torque 400 servo (2255) and High-Output BEC (2262) for maximum turning power in all conditions.
  • Depending on how you use your Traxx, slight body trimming may be required. Use TRX-4 Long-Arm Lift Kit to minimize trimming and increase ground clearance.
  • On TRX-4 models equipped with T-Locks, keep the front and rear differentials locked for optimal traction and performance.
  • On TRX-4 models equipped with two-speed transmissions, always use low gear.

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 Deep-Terrain Treads (#8877)